Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spinach Orzo Ensalada Salad

Spinach Orzo Ensalata

1 cup uncooked whole-wheat orzo pasta (boil it approx. 6-7 mins and rinse well)

10+ cups spinach (about 2 10-oz. bags), chopped

1 pkg. fresh basil, cut into ribbons

2 tomatoes, diced small

1 can black olives, sliced

2 oz. capers (half a 4-oz. jar), drained

1/2 cup raw pine nuts (optional: toasted)

optional: shaved/grated Parmesan to taste

Toss all ingredients except optional Parmesan. Add ZESTY DILL dressing (below) to taste and toss. Top each plate with shaved Parmesan and serve.

I personally like to top each salad with their own dressing so the salad doesn't go to waste if it's not all eaten that day.

I also usually make 1/2 this because it's large. But it does store well in the fridge for a few days.

recipe from green smoothie girl

1 comment:

Kristen said...

If you want to make this any don't have any fresh basil in your garden and don't want to pay the high cost in the store, just go without it. It is still YUMMY!

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